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League of Legends® is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and play style, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes. With an ever-expanding roster of champions, frequent updates and a thriving tournament scene, League of Legends offers endless replayability for players of every skill level.

• Compete head-to-head: combine strategic thinking, lightning reflexes and coordinated team-play to crush your enemies in both small-scale skirmishes and frantic 5v5 battles

• Strategize and evolve: with regular gameplay updates, multiple maps and game modes, and new champions constantly joining the League, the only limit to your success is your own ingenuity

• Compete your way: whether you're a casual player enjoying a game against bots or a seasoned veteran climbing the league

• Fight with honor: compete with honor and receive special commendations from your peers to reward your good sportsmanship

• Experience esports: as the world's most active competitive scene, League of Legends sports numerous tournaments worldwide, including the prestigious Championship Series where salaried pros compete for millions

• Join the world's largest online gaming community: make friends, form teams and battle tens of millions of opponents from countries across the globe, then exchange stats on reddit, YouTube, the forums and beyond

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    この項目ではLoLの世界観を見ることのできるムービーを紹介する。 2010年7月12日にRiotGamesより公開されたLeague of Legendsのムービー。

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